You deserve more from your calling card

  • Recharge bonuses
    every time

    Earn up to 25% when you recharge a card:

    Online with MyVOX,

    By dialing 1-900-RECHARGE,

    Or you can call us, too.

  • Manage your cards online

    An online MyVOX account gives you full control over your cards, billing and instant recharging.

  • Never run out of minutes

    Auto Recharge tops up your balance when it falls below an amount you choose-and you'll earn up to 25% in bonus minutes each time!

  • Skip the numbers and start talking

    The Auto PIN and Speed Dial features let you place your calls directly without entering a PIN and phone numbers.

Promoting a business, cause or event?

We create
promotional calling
card solutions.

We want happy customers

Our vision:

Low rates, high standards and good old-fashioned
customer service.