You deserve more from your calling card

... but “more” what, exactly?

For starters: how about more money in your pocket and more convenient features? We've gone all out to save you money, time and hassle so that you can share longer stories at lower rates.

Recharge bonuses, every time

When you buy nine coffees, the tenth is free; when you renew your gym membership you get 20% off – but what about your calling card?

Let us show you just how much we appreciate your business. Choose any of the following ways to recharge and reap the loyalty rewards every time.

Recharge with a bonus

$10 $20 $30 $50
Auto-recharge get the most bang for your buck. 15% 20% 25%
Online recharge from your MyVOX account. 10% 15% 20%
Call an agent we'll recharge your card for you. 15% 20% 20%

Recharge with a discount

Dial 1-900-RECHARGE and the balance will automatically be billed to your landline account.

  • Dial 1-900-565-5500 and pay $4 for a $5 recharge
  • Dial 1-900-565-5510 and pay $8 for a $10 recharge
  • Dial 1-900-565-5520 and pay $16 for a $20 recharge

Skip the numbers and start talking

Is Dr. Grandma helping you diagnose an ear infection from abroad? When you're calling every 30 minutes for more advice, it can be a real pain to enter a PIN and a phone number each time!

Save yourself the hassle of entering a PIN and a telephone number with each call—the Auto PIN and Speed Dial features store your home or work phone number as well as your favorite numbers in our system so that you can place your calls directly. It just takes a minute or two to set up these features through your online MyVOX account.

Manage your cards online

It's one of those days when you'll be lucky to have a fifteen-minute lunch break—you aren't about to spend that time chatting with customer service to pay your bills or trying to remember how many times you called South Korea last week!

With a MyVOX account, you're in the driver's seat: you're just a few clicks away from buying new cards, transferring funds, tracking your call history or paying your bills. You can log in whenever is convenient for you to manage your long distance calling—all of the information you need is at your fingertips.

You can also set up time-saving features like Auto PIN (so that you never have to enter a PIN again) and Auto Recharge (so that you never run out of minutes).

Oh—and did we mention the 25% Auto Recharge bonus?

Never run out of minutes

It's bad enough that you have to be halfway around the world from your girlfriend at home—it would be even worse (for you) if you ran out of minutes in the middle of her story.

Use your online MyVOX account to set up Auto Recharge and your balance will automatically be topped up when it falls below an amount you choose. You'll also get up to 25% in bonus minutes, every time it's recharged. You won't risk incurring the wrath of your better half—and your wallet will thank you.