CardsPromotional cards

Mightier than
a business card,
smaller than a billboard.

Custom-designed with your brand's logos, colours and visual identity, Vox promotional calling cards are a highly cost-effective and creative way to market your organization, cause or event. Your target audience will be happy to receive and use these practical cards, making them powerful tools for your brand awareness, customer loyalty or fundraising campaigns.

Your target audience will be happy to receive and use these practical cards—they are perfect for:

  • special events like fundraisers and product launches,
  • giveaways for direct marketing campaigns, trade shows and customer loyalty programs,
  • gifts to employees, clients or volunteers,

and any other initiative to help people remember you.

Hand out the best

Our team is ready to help you create your calling card, all of which come with:

  • Full VOX support and service, including free 1-800 access, bilingual Canadian customer service and quality connections.
  • Customizable design and materials
  • Customizable rates
  • Recharge option

... make it unique

You can also pick and choose from our list of optional features like:

  • Custom recorded voice greeting
  • Usage reports
  • Overseas origination
  • Swipe feature (magnetic stripe for easy payphone use)

We can even build in a customer survey to find out what's on your target audience's mind.

Our team is standing by to answer your questions—drop us a line today at to discuss your needs!