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  • VOX UltraClick for more information
    VOX Ultra

    Perfect for loyal customers

    • Call anywhere, anytime and for as long as you like at the most competitive rates
    • Exceptional 25% loyalty bonus
    • No maintenance or connection fees
  • VOX GlobalClick for more information
    VOX Global

    Perfect for the global citizen

    • Ideal for making tons of calls across the street or across the pond
    • Calls from Canada or the United States for as little as 0.3¢ a minute
    • 15% loyalty bonus
  • VOX InternationalClick for more information
    VOX International

    Perfect for the gabby globetrotter

    • Ideal for long international calls to good listeners
    • Let the gabfest begin for as little as 0.2¢ a minute
    • 15% loyalty bonus
  • VOX AmericaClick for more information
    VOX America

    Perfect for the good neighbour ... or neighbor!

    • Ideal for frequent chats on both sides of the border
    • 4¢ a minute to call North America from anywhere in Canada or the US
    • No surcharge for calls from the United States
  • VOX AsiaClick for more information
    VOX Asia

    Perfect for saying hello, konnichi wa, annyong, nî hâo or namaste!

    • Asia is at your fingertips for as little as 0.1¢ a minute.
  • VOX EuropaClick for more information
    VOX Europa

    Perfect for scoring points with granny, grand-mère or nonna!

    • Call family back in Europe as often as you want with rates starting at 0.1¢ a minute.
  • VOX FiestaClick for more information
    VOX Fiesta

    Perfect for spreading some amor

    • Send some love to your family in Latin America and the Caribbean for as little as 0.1¢ a minute.